thoughts please

I currently have Dunlavy SC V's powered by Krell 750 mcx monos and I'm looking for something different.My room is 13x33 and my listening position is 13' from the center of the 13; wall, I'd like to try another brand of speaker,something in the $7k range,something that will do well in a 7.1 setup and have smooth high,mid and lots of bass in 2 channel.Classic rock/prog rock is the listen choice. My thoughts so far, Wilson Audio Watt 6 or Sophia,Krell Resolution 1, any thoughts??????
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If your thinking Wilson stay with the WP's for bass. I had the Sophia 1 and now have WP 8's the difference in the impact of the bass is huge.
Is there a area that the dunlavy's are not performing for you;I am just curious;I had sc III's and moved to soundlab's and still regard the dunlavy's as a extremely good speaker.My only negative for the dunlavy's was the bass but I atributed that to the 8 inch drivers that it had.
Gassman, If you do move on from the SC Vs, please let me know if you are willing to sell them. I own SC-IVs ( Improved version, almost full SC-IVA ) and have been looking for some Vs.
I am going to sell the SC V's, email me at
my room is difficult with the SC V,13.5 feet by 33 feet and the speakers are only 7.5 feet apart,unfortunately I can not change my room to accomodate these.They are truly wonderful speakers,but I have owned them since 2004 and looking to change...probably going to regret it too.
Consider used Legacy Focus HD or Focus SE in that price range.