Thoughts on Yamaha m-80 and m-85 amps

Hi.Does any one have any experience/thoughts on these amps?I have one of each model,along with matching preamps.I had the m-85 for 23 years and a great deal came along to pick up the m-80.I am wondering if anybody has experience with the Yamaha Auto Class A feature.The amp will run at class A up to 30 watts with the push of a button.I run this setup with a pair of Klipsch La Scalas.I was thinking of getting into tube gear-some more research and listening needed though before purchase.Any input would be appreciated.
I have had a M80 in my main system now for about 15 yrs mated with a CX1000 the last few run to Klipsch Cornwall II's. Been a big fan of the Yamaha stuff since i first saw them in the mid-80's and didn't have the money then to buy them. I bet they are outstanding with the LaScalas.

You might want to try adding a tube preamp with either of these units if you want to experiment. It will open your eyes how wonderful the setup sounds with classic jazz or classical music. I ran this type setup with a M65 and Klipsch KLF20's and fell in love with the big soundstage and the ability to distinguish the individual instruments. Of course the mids with a tube pre are their big selling point. With the high efficiency of the LaScalas you should be able to run in class A all the time.

Knoxville, TN
If you are running LaScalas, stay away from japanese transistor amps. You'd be better of looking for a Dynaco stereo 70 tube amp, some tech has re-worked.