Thoughts on Vincent SP-998/ SP-T800 Mono Blocks.

Hi All,

Looking at some Mono Blocks. Have a number of Vincent components which I'm happy with. Has anyone experience with the above Mono Blocks? I have a few different sets of speakers so would not need to match a specific set in particular.

Well if there is any potential great synergy, a component system with multiple pieces from the same manufacturer this would be it. It would appear that way anyway, and some Vincent gear has German circuit architecture. I would try it if I was in the same position.
Ended up putting a deposit on the Vincent SP-998's at a bargain price. As I'm renovating changing everything, I'll give my thoughts down the track when fully run in and set up.
Just thought I'd post my thoughts on the SP-998's after spending a bit of time with them. Outstanding! They just cruise effortlessly in Class A. They have the best grip on bass I've ever heard from Power Amps. Talk about tight. Nice deep and wide soundstage, the music just flows beautifully from a black background.

One of the greatest bargains in my 40+ years in audio. Feel like they would drive just about anything. Highly recommended.
Vincent stuff I’ve experienced seems VERY well made…a close friend has used one of the hybrid SV236 integrateds for years and it sounds really good (it’s a large beast), and I have a now extinct Kavent S-33 which is a rebadged (!) Vincent SA93 dual mono balanced thing that sounds amazing, and is utterly over built. 
Agreed Wolf! I bought an SV 237 just to try it out in a second system. Well it sent my seperates packing and as you say the build quality is amazing. I know Vincent gets a bad rap on here but I could care less.

I have been searching, in vain, for Vincent SP-998's to power modified Maggie's, 1.7i's -- Anything I've seen on HiFi Shark has long, long been sold -- idea's? / +1 (843) 364-8529
Sanders sound magtech amp. The last amp u wil ever buy or need to buy
the 998’s are their most powerful monos. Dont tbey double into 4 Ohm.  
@drgeorgethelawyer       To my knowledge the Vincent Sp998's were never manufactured for the U.S. I believe only for Europe/Asia/Australia. Good luck in your hunt.
@arcticdeth     Yes the 998's double down into 4 Ohms and are rated 1000W into 2 Ohms.