Thoughts on very cheap speaker cables

Hi all,

Has anyone tried speaker cables made as follows:
1. 4 single 12Ft strands of 22 AWG certified OFHC CDA
101 annealed temper copper ($0.25 a foot).
2. Each inserted in pure lowest dielectric woven cotton.
3. Each assembly inserted in lowest dielectric PTFE tubing.
4. The ends will be sealed with a PTFE sealant.
5. About 1" of bare wire will protrude from the sealed
ends, coated with a low dielectric antioxident.
This will provide a twisted pair, held together with shrink wrap, for each B&W803N speaker connected directly to an Aragon 8008bb amp. All thoughts will be greatly appreicated.

Henry Rancourt
how "cheap" this will be? If you can buy used Auditorium or Phy or Audio Tekne, Yamamura wires with similar philosophy to what you are thinking?
If you already have the wire, then just go ahead with your project and update the thread with your results. With 500 feet of wire I suspect you could make several different configurations and pick out what works best for you.
My latest thought has been to put 3 lengths of the 22 awg copper wire, described in my first thread, inside 3 seperate lenghts of cotton with a low dieletric constant of about 1.3. Braid 4 groups, each made up of the of 3 cotton encased wires, and insert each braided assembly into 4 very low dielectric ptfe tubes. The four assemblies would allow amp to speaker connection for two speakers in a stereo setup. Has anyone tried this or know of a potential problem with this approach?