Thoughts on very cheap speaker cables

Hi all,

Has anyone tried speaker cables made as follows:
1. 4 single 12Ft strands of 22 AWG certified OFHC CDA
101 annealed temper copper ($0.25 a foot).
2. Each inserted in pure lowest dielectric woven cotton.
3. Each assembly inserted in lowest dielectric PTFE tubing.
4. The ends will be sealed with a PTFE sealant.
5. About 1" of bare wire will protrude from the sealed
ends, coated with a low dielectric antioxident.
This will provide a twisted pair, held together with shrink wrap, for each B&W803N speaker connected directly to an Aragon 8008bb amp. All thoughts will be greatly appreicated.

Henry Rancourt
Correction to my first post above: The reference to "between about 10% and 20%" should have said "between about 5% and 10%."

-- Al
If you want cheap speaker cable go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy an outdoor extension cord. They come in a variety of colors including white, beige, green, blue, etc. and in 40' and 50' lengths. It is 3 wire 16 gauge. Just clip the groung wire and you are set. This cable worked best on my friend's Quads. Using bare wire connections the cost is approximately $15.00 for 50'.

Another inexpensive speaker cable is Kimber Kable Kwik 12. It competes with expensive cables at a reasonable price.
Does anyone know the awg of Mapleshade's speaker wire? Is their cable made up of a single wire for + and a single wire for - connectors on a speaker?

You can try Canare 4S6 at $0.30 a foot... 4x20awg. You can cover it with techflex.
It's pretty thin - I have tried it out of curiosity against the bigger 4s11. The sound was anemic with the smaller bundle in my gear, but it may not be the case for you.