Thoughts on Vandersteen V2W Video Subwoofer

After searching in the internet, I have found very few discussions on the Vandersteen V2W video subwoofer. Is this subwoofer still a good option for Vandersteen theater systems, or should one consider other options such as the SVS SB-13 Ultra, a JL Audio or a REL subwoofer? There seems to be no recent press and little discussion on the V2W subwoofer, and I appreciate any reassurance or direction.
V2W. Makes more sense if you already have Vandersteens
The V2W works more on transiet speed and bass pitch transition than other designs. cheers JohnnyR
I use one to excellent effect on a 5.1 system with 1C mains, VCC-2 center and VSM-1 surrounds. Integrates perfect using an Odyssey Multeq XT chip on my A/V receiver.  
Vandersteen are unique with their speedy multiple drivers instead of  just one driver.

Most dealers acknowledge their performance talents 

Vandy  has 2 models: a LFE home theatre "w"  version and a 2-channel "Q" version 

Here is an article below about why good subwoofers are so difficult to find. The Vandersteen option is a serious top candidate .... Full stop.


i auditioned various brand models ( no more cheap chuffy and wooley bass usual HT offerings) in my upgraded 7.1 HT system. I've had Martin Logan and other such chuffy and wooley bass kit in prior systems.

 A dealer directed me to go personally audition the VANDY "W" sub. 

My experiences... Yup.... It bested all the other contenders and pretenders that I auditioned up to $5k, so I bought it. It also bested my existing CASTLE CLASSIC sub ( a rebranded $2k strata made for Castle by ATC as a made-in-England quality build unit.... Google the ATC gear .... The ATC top home units are north of $9k and their professional application units are stratospheric...) . The CASTLE is now doing yeoman service  in my B-system.

Suggestion; First read the article link and then go Audition the VANDERSTEEN in a shootout .... You won't be disappointed and you may well be left as gob -smacked as I was at just how good they are.