Thoughts on VAC preamplifiers to drive D’Agostino power amplifiers? Thoughts?

Looking for opinions on using VAC preamplifiers to drive D’Agostino power amplifiers. I’ve never heard the combination but it would seem attractive on paper. Thoughts? Thank you!
VAC is superb stuff!
only able to demo at a shop near me, amazing quality and build!
  If it’s in your wheelhouse, get a piece.
or check out the new SMC AUDIO preamp and amps.
   Great stuff!
 Unsure of reliability, but I would take VAC over Mac (maybe) those 2K monos are my pipedream amps.     Or some max upgraded platinum+platinum SMC monoblocs!!! With matching preamp!

 Or, the full Conrad Johnson top of the line components, with .....

  now, you have me shopping................


@audiobrian I've been using D'Agostino Classic Stereo amp with a tube preamp for a few years and the result is excellent, but my preamp is not a VAC. I recommend sending an email to VAC asking if D'Agostino is compatible with your specific model preamp. I think impedance mismatch is the only thing you have to be concern with.
The VAC preamps employ a transformer output that has a low impedance and can drive any well designed power amp (tube or SS).  Used my VAC pre into an Ayre VX5/20 for many years and it never had any issues while it added a little of the VAC personality to the beautiful sound.   
you would expect any top shelf preamp like a vac or cj to be able to drive any good top shelf amp

that is one of the main functions of a preamp

to be sure, call kevin at vac or dan d and ask... they will for sure know of the top of their heads