Thoughts on using two Classe CA 300's

Any thoughts about using two Classe CA300's with my Aerial 7bs in mono mode......Is this over kill? Would it have some positive benefits...Any other configs be beneficial?..Your thoughts Please....Thanks
People like Robert Harley recommend against straping a stereo amp into mono when feeding a 4-ohm speaker. Your best bet would be mono-blocks. I own a Classe CA-301 and it seems to me like that should be plenty of power but you never know :^)Oh and by the way that's just my personal opinion.
I use 2 Ca 400's that I use with Mit's push pull cables. Its a biwired interconnect cable that uses two 2 channel amplifiers for one two channel system. It essential gives the speaker direction its own amplifier. One channel to push foward and pull back and the other channel to pull back and push foward. The interconnects and speaker cables are $6500 retail but they are worth the money.
TRY VERTICLE BI-AMPING instead of mono. much better with 1 amp per speaker...
why not jsut sell what you have nad buy the Classe CAM 200 or 350s? I have heard them and they are great and they will sound better than the way your thinking of. Best of luck
I've heard a pair of Classe Ca-200 bridged, and was not impressed. I thought they lost a lot of the music in the bridged mode. If you're talking vertically biamping, disregard the previous comment. Have you tried one CA-300? I would rather go with one CA-400 or a pair of the older 700 wpc monoblocks, than bridge a pair of 300's. That, of course is just my $.02
I was once talking to Classe on the same question. They recommended VERTICLE BI-AMPING over BRIDGING them into monos.
I use two ca 400's in two channel mode and one problem I have with them is they get to hot. One wasnt bad but running two heats the room up way to much. Even in the winter.