Thoughts on using Sony PS3? rare 60gb SACD version

I'm wondering what your thoughts are on using the PS3 as the main audio and blu-ray video drive. It sounds good now, so I see no real reason why I should invest in a SACD player too, especially considering that the PS3 that I own is one of the most sought-after versions because it includes the best guts (which Sony later deemed too costly to continue packaging): the original PS2 'EmotionEngine' as well as the ability to play SACDs and DVD-Audio. I've used both and it does sound wonderful, even on my junk that is soon to be upgraded.

The answer always seems to be 'separates are better' but I see no reason why a digital signal going straight to a receiver/processor would need a separate component in this particular case.

Your PS3 will play DVDs but not DVD audio discs. Sony has never supported DVD Audio. It like all DVD players, will play the DVD layer of a DVD Audio disc.
I had a newer PS3 80gb and the fan noise was unbearable. However when reading up on fan replacements (which I never did) I saw it mentioned that the early PS3's had a quieter 9 blade fan so it may not be an issue for you.