Thoughts on using Mcintosh MC352 amp with Magnepan 1.7 speakers

I am able to get a pristine McIntosh MC352 amp for a good deal. I currently have Magnepan 1.7 speakers.
I have a couple of questions:
1) Thoughts on the McIntosh MC352 amplifier (good, bad)
2) Do you think it will be a good pairing with the Maggie 1.7 speakers?  
Don't know if this is of any help, but:
I was reading about the 20.7s matched with MC452 on another forum and the poster loved it. 
So perhaps the MC352 would be sufficient for your smaller Maggies...
(keep in mind that Maggies are capable of matching with much more powerfull amps, and though a lot of folks rave a lot about hundreds or even thousands of watts through them, many are also happy with much less power...)
the key is if you'd like the nature of the sound of the Mcintosh, and that being a very personal matter only you'd be able to answer it for yourself by listening to them...
(Don't think I'm allowed to put the link to the other forum here, but if you want I can pm you)

Check out my system, and you’ll see how I’ve been using the MC352 for the past 5 years or so. But I don’t have specific experience with Maggies, although I’ve heard that McIntosh power works well with them. The MC352 is a solid performing amplifier with plenty of clean power and definitely a bargain at typical used prices. I picked one up as NOS, and I use it for several hours every day. I’ve got it paired with a C2300 tube preamplifier, and I like the combination. The MC352 is super reliable and no performance issues whatsoever. Except the front lighting, which was a cosmetic-only issue but an annoying issue nevertheless. The incandescent bulbs that give that classic Mac blue/green appearance will burn out if they have not already. The solution is to have installed, as I did, the LED aftermarket lighting kit that will last you a very long time and improve the appearance of the unit. Cost with labor is going to be several hundred dollars, so you’d might as well add that to your budget.

Other than that cosmetic update, the MC352 has been a mainstay, and I don’t feel any strong urge to change it out, unless of course a great deal on MC2301 tube monoblocs or MC601 solid state monoblocs came along to persuade me!