Thoughts On Used CEC TL 2 X

I am presently using a Micromega Solo H as a CD transport to a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC.

There is a deal available on a used CEC TL 2 X. It seems to be in OK condition but is I guess long in the tooth being from the mid to late 90’s - so easily about 20 years old.

The Micromega is a musical transport but I would like a fuller and warmer sound which I surmise the CEC gives, at the expense of more woolly bass.
Would this be considered and upgrade or simply a lateral move?

I doubt you will get many responses about CEC transports. They don't seem to be real popular here in the States. They are excellent transports however. I used to own an Ayre CD5 XE mp which is an awesome player. I wanted to go to a dedicated transport and did lots of research. I tried a few different models but finally settled on the CEC TL1X. It was the only transport that I felt offered the same performance as the Ayre. I have no knowledge of your current transport but I can vouch for CEC. They make a great product. I pair mine with a R2R ladder DAC and couldn't be happier. YMMV
I own a CEC TL2N transport which is much more recent than the 90s.
They are excellent transports but I think I’d pass on one that old.
I have owned several CEC belt drive transports. The belt stretches over time. They are silly expensive and a PITA to replace
CD players are not likely to be warm sounding unless they have tubes.
Better option is to get a EL 34 tube amp
Why would you think that a belt-drive transport would produce a "warmer" sound? Nonsense! Digital is NOT like analog! If you don't like the way digital playback sounds in your system don't blame the transport!
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Audio Union is the distributor for CEC products in US and Canada. You can find links for more information of CEC products there.