Thoughts on Tube vs SS amplification for Sony SS AR1s

Hi all~
Was hoping someone with more knowledge than me may be able to help clear up some confusion I’ve been having.
I recently was able to acquire my ‘unicorn’ speakers, the SS AR1s.  4 ohms, 88 dB, 28hz-60khz.
i have an integrated tube amp, the  Luxman LX-380, which on paper doesnt seem to deliver a lot of power for these speakers (14 w into 4 ohms), but i have been really surprised by how full/robust everything sounds with the Luxman in place. I had been advised that a more powerful SS amp (‘at least 200 w per channel!’)  would be needed to get the most out of the SS AR1s (and i have had a lot of SS amps in the past), but To be honest I’m pretty impressed with how it sounds already - So,  i was just hoping someone with more experience here could weigh in? Is it necessarily true that tubes just aren’t a good match for a speaker of this sensitivity? Would a more powerful amp like the luxman mQ-88uc (25 w into 4 ohms) be worth looking into? Would a powerful SS amp really make these speaker sing (and i just dont know what I’m missing)? I want to take advantage of the low-end of these new speakers (which is the main difference from my previous pair), so looking for some guidance re tube amps and exerting control over speakers like these.

thanks much!
Thanks for your response. In light of the excellent sound quality sfmorris described with the Luxman and Sony pairing, your explanation makes considerable sense. One can’t help but notice the contrast to what George and erik_squires concluded per citing the Stereophile review test measurement results of the Sony speakers. I can understand their respective responses given the test bench numbers. 

Specifically the impedance behavior in the bass and lower midrange (Sub 3 ohm and steep phase angles) frequencies. You’d certainly predict the high current Accuphase to trounce the Luxman. This was far from the case. This has been a very insightful thread. Thank you sfmorris for sharing your very interesting listening experiences.

@atmosphere thank you for your informed comments as an experienced electrical engineer and manufacturer of highly regarded audio components.
BTW I know the Luxman is rated at 20 watts. However it is rated at  14 w at 4 ohm load. The Luxman produces its lowest power right in the rsgion where the Sony actually dips even lower to 2.7 ohm!!! So one would expect less than the 14 watts at this very low level. Fascinating outcome with this amplifier.
Hi all,
I’ve certainly learned a few things through this insightful exchange - thanks Charles and Atmosphere! I don’t know as much as I’d like to about amplifier topologies, but this has helped me a lot!

if I have any other listening takeaways, I’ll definitely let you know - I haven’t entirely thrown in the towel on high powered SS amps and may try another just to see. 
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It would be very interesting if you could acquire another high current solid state amp as an additional  data point. I must say though that the Accuphase is considered to be an upper echelon solid state amplifier. They don't  get much better than that esteem Japanese brand.