Thoughts on these speaker brands and models

Interested on peoples listening experiences with YG acoustics Haleys 2.2, Vimberg Tonda D, Focal scala Utopia Evo Floorstanding loudspeakers
At this price range, you shall trust nobody but yourself.
Thank you for your time in your response and very wise advice? For me the connection with people and this passionate hobby that I have is just as wonderful as  listening to music itself
Peach, I must agree on your 'connection'. I have made several friends via this forum. Very much enjoy the interaction as none of my friends are that passionate about this hobby. 
I have heard Vimberg i think it is a great sounding speaker the best on your list.This being said its all your taste that counts.
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Marten speakers at 10k to 15k is a slam dunk. Your getting vimberg sound at 30 to 40 percent cost. 
Thanks to all for your response happy listening
Haley 2.2 are ones i would pick in your list much better than the Vimberg IMO.Best amp for Hailey 2.2s is Audionet Humboldt by a wide margin.You better have a serious budget.
I have the scala Evo and love them but haven't compared them to the others on your list.