Thoughts on these budget speaker cables please?

I have both Speltz original AntiCables and Audioquest Type 4 cables. Pleased with AQs. Liked the ACs too but just too ugly and hard to work with. Looking at picking up some Grover Huffman's latest available to me, but looking for feedback and comparisons first. System includes Magnepan 3.7s, W4S ST1000 power and Rogue Perseus pre. Thoughts please? Thanks!
You have a pair of 3.7's and you are worried about how your AQ Type 4's look? lol. I was going to say that you can hide the excess cable behind the speakers, but you can probably hide the whole system behind the speakers.

You already have cables that work and sound OK. Why even take a chance and get cables that may not sound as good as what you have? Maybe you can get creative and somehow make your current cables blend in better.
This isn't about appearances as the Audioquests are just fine. I was referring to the Anticables in that regard. Anyway... Still looking for opinions on Grover's speaker cables, especially in comparison to the models mentioned. I use his interconnects and am pleased thus far.
AQ CV-8 are available for about half price on close outs. I got an 8 foot pair and pretty dang impressed. Sorry, I don't have experience with Huffmans.
Preferred the Grovers over some that you tried.