Thoughts on the XRCD, Hell Freezes OVER

Has anyone heard the Eagles, Hell Freezes Over on XRCD2.Your thoughts on the sonic comparison versus the origanal issue.
Have you heard the Dire Straits Brothers in arms, XRCD2.
Any comments on any of these 2 CD ?
Got Dire Straights. It is (like so many other XRCD releases) reference quality. Incredibly low noise floor, with tight, well defined bass. Recommended highly.
The DTS Hell Freezes Over is like being there. Didn't know there was an xrcd.
I have both of the disks. I had a friend over who has the DTS Hell Freezes Over and he said that it sounded just as good or better. There is no comparing it to the regular CD. The Brothers In Arms is fantastic. I compared some of the tracks that are on the HDCD "The Very Best of Dire Straits" with the XRCD. The XRCD blows the HDCD away. You won't be sorry if you buy them. So long as your set up can deliver what they have to offer.
Where do you get XRCD's?
XRCD's are available at and