Thoughts on the Super Abby?

I am looking into the Super Abby but would like to hear thoughts on people who have heard or own a pair.I will have no chance of listening before making a decision so your thoughts would help a lot.How do they sound,how much power should I expect ?Are they suitable with a high power int. amp? What are the alternatives ?

Thank you
Haven't heard the Super Abbys but I owned the Abbys which are very good loudspeakers. I had them for about 5 years and drove them with a bunch of amps with my favorites being the Fi 2a3 monoblocks and a Firstwatt F1.

That said, I've graduated to the Zu Soul Superflys which do everything the Abbys did well and then some. If you're after the single driver coherence, give Zu a look.

The only thing I miss about my Abbys now is their appearance in my living room.
I also own the Abby's. I have other speakers as well but just cant let go of the Cains. They play THEIR kind of music very well. High power would be lost on them. SET is the best. I had a Almarro that sounded great with them. They cant play real loud either but they play louder at a lower volume too. If you love Jazz you will love these speakers....AFTER break in that is. I would suggest a sub to fill in the lows but that would be it. I use a Rel B3 that I just love. Just don't ask too much from them as far as metal or heavy rock and roll and they will be hard to let go. IMHO.
Dean and Gopher I've just recently acquired a pair of Abby's. Having owned electrostats for some 15 years I'm really enjoying the Abby's natural presentation on acoustic music, namely jazz.

Gopher are you suggesting the Zu Superfly's provide as natural a presentation as did your Abby's? What amplification were you using on the Abby?

Dean's dead on right, if you dig jazz you'll love the Abby. I sampled them on the seller's Firstwatt F1, but I'm operating them on a 300b SET integ, and this folks is the real deal.

I can't help but be curious if as some have said that they find the smaller Abby to be more musical than the larger C&C designs.

Dean do you find the Rel B3 blends well with the speed of the Abby's driver?
I couldn't be happier with my Rel B3...I HIGHLY recommend it paired with the Abbys.

Had a friend listen to the Abbys a few weeks ago and he was standing within 3 feet of one of the speakers when I told him the B3 sub was way in the corner. His jaw fell open...he honestly thought all the bass was coming from the Abbys....seamless when set up correctly and the Rel's are the easiest to set up IMHO.