Thoughts on the Rogers EHF-100?

Anyone heard this new amp? Thoughts?
In June, I was at Stereo Exchange for a demo of the Devore Fidelity line of speakers and this was the amp driving the Silverbacks. Holy moly! I was concentrating on the music and the speakers, so an amp was not what I was looking for. However if you were to ask me, I would change my VTL for this in a heartbeat. Give Anthony Rago a call 212.505.1111.
Thanks for the link!
That's where I heard it as well...both with Cremona M and Totem speakers. I was impressed with its power and control, yet vividness.
Specs show it to be 100 watts from quad KT-88s, Class A, wide frequency response, lots of gain with low distortion. It drove the Cremona M speakers, which are not a particularly easy load.

I'm thinking of pairing it with my original Cremonas, which are an even tougher speaker to drive.

Thoughts on this pairing? Other options?