Thoughts on the ReVox Exception?

Hey everyone
I just auditioned this setup and was so impressed with the sound that I have to find out more about it. The dealer did not know that much (he just got it) but the sound was so incredibly sweet, the soundstage was touchable, overall neutrality was very impressive. I was just amazed. This is the first rig I like a lot more than my current one. It was playing on JM Lab Mini Utopias which could be part of the reason (these little speakers rock) but the ReVox was incredible. It is a stackable integrated, CD player, tuner combo of about 130W/8ohms. Anyone know/heard this setup? I would be interested in others thoughts. I know the company was big in reel-reel stuff for a long time. Reliable? Certainly looks cool. Thanks - Arthur
Hey Arthur, I've never heard their newer stuff, but all of their old stuff was fairly exceptional in build quality and sound...especially their reel to reel, tape decks, tuners, and CD players (with receivers and amps coming in a close second). Their stuff was always pricey, but it was certainly one of the brands where you got what you paid for. I know the company did go through some buyout/restructuring of some sort in the past decade. I'm not sure if that affected their engineering, quality, or company philisophy in any negative way or not.
Just bought the Revox Exception 450 amp to replace my Krell 300il amp which was reflecting harsh-on-the-ears treble (upper register) once I upgraded to more dynamic (better) speaker cables. The inherent "sweet" sound of the Revox 450 takes care of the increased treble detail so well I don't even have to use its tone controls. I'm quite surprised. I'm now trading in my Krell 280 cd for the Revox 426 cd player. The speaker cables I'm using are mid-line grade from Synergistic Research and sound terrific with the Revox 450. I listen to jazz, sometimes older big band music (lots of upper frequency horns - trmpet, flute, and on newer stuff, soprano sax). I also get better bass from the Revox than I was getting from the Krell 300il, - deeper and more defined. Happy camper!