Thoughts on the new Sutherland KC Vibe?

Does anyone have experience with the new Sutherland KC Vibe phono stage?

It has been recommended to me by a few dealers and am now giving it serious consideration.

Any thoughts, especially from current/past owners would be greatly appreciated.

I am also an owner of an AcousTech PH1Premium. Great pre amp made even better by replacing the op amps. Makes it quieter and more dynamic.

im also interested in how the Vibe sounds.
I too have the AcousTech, not Premium, though. I have not heard the Vibe. Whether you like it or not quite depends on the rest of your equipment and your taste. I did hear the opinion that it could be too smooth and a little slow for some. I would also jump to Insight if decided on Sutherland - that was Ron Sutherland's recommendation.

Hi, gritter2,

I don't have direct experience with the KC Vibe but do own a Sutherland designed phono preamp (AcousTech PH-1P) and have been enjoying it matched with a Gyro SE and SME 309. Sutherland's phono stages consistently get high marks and when the time comes to replace my PH-1P a Sutherland phono stage will definitely be on the short list.