Thoughts on the new 804d

I just heard the new B&W 804d and was very impressed. I have read lots of great things about the 805d's + a subwoofer on the B&W forum but not as much about the 804. Any thoughts on the new 804d with a capable sub? I really liked the sound from these just thought they were a bit bass shy, would a good sub make them comparable to the 803d?
Anyone??? Anyone hear the new 804 Diamond?
They will be almost as good as an 803D. I have heard the old 804's in exactly that configuration and everyone at the shop liked them a lot with a sub. That said, if you have the room for the bigger 803s...then get em. The bass on those is SUPERB and if you get power on them they are an amazing speaker only bettered by the 802's and not by much!