Thoughts on the Mac 352

I'm thinking of adding a used MC352 to complement my C2200 preamp. I use Dynaudio speakers (Contour 1.3 II's) and will in the next while go with the Dynaudio Special 25's. THe amp I currently use is the Odyssey Stratos Dual Mono. Really I would like an amp that matches the Dyns and the Mac c2200 preamp. Just wanting your experiences with the 352, 402 and others that might fit. Thanks. Dave
I have seen alot of threads on these two amps. I can only stress that I own a 352 and have decided that I need look no further. Not only does it sound great but the meters are a treat in themselves.
Amen Theo !!
I owned the 352 and C2200 combo: SWEET, can't go wrong. I know have the 402. More low end, but that's about it.
Amen to the above
Good Stuff.
Ive talked to someone at Mcintosh who insists the MC402 and MC352 are the same amp with the exception of the 3D face design and LED display. Go for a $2600.00 MC352, spend the saved 1200.00 or more on nice interconnects.
I as mentioned by Velo62, also spoke with McIntosh and the advice Velo gives is concurred with completely. Save the dough unless you need the 50watts.
I have a new352,c2200,proac 1sc system and I love it.
It compares very favorably to my friends ARC Ref System!