Thoughts on the Krell 402

I have been looking at amps for a while now to pair with my new to me Legacy signatures. I have seen a few Krell 402's pop up in the last year and they seem like very well built amps. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this amp and what your thoughts were on it. My other question would be should I be looking at something newer? I have also considered the Michi S5 but it would involve that I travel a significant distance to reach the nearest dealer (No one seems to sell them online here in the states).


I have a 402e and apart from weight and heat ramifications find it great .Huge power resource and the usual Krell battleship specs make it a contender for anyone looking for reasonably priced solid state amplification. From memory it weighs about 75 kgs which makes it down the list for burglars.Definitely 2 man lift.

Thanks for the reply. I decided to pull the trigger, hopefully it pairs well with my speakers. 

The Krell 402E is a great amp.  I have the 403E which is three channel version and it’s a monster amp weighting in at 200 lbs.  It’s a bit of hassle when it needs service.  I recently had to send it for minor service and the shipping cost was more than the actual repair cost.  
The amp sounds great with tube and solid state preamps. The CAST input sounds great and cables are much cheaper.  I have used ARC Ref 5SE, Ref 6SE, Ayre KXR and Krell 707 pre/processor with my 403E and all sounded great.  Be sure to give it plenty of space around the amp since it gets pretty hot.  



So I got the amp in and installed over the weekend. Must say I am loving it so far.