Thoughts on the EAT C series tables

I want to ad another table to my system, along side my WTL Amadeus GTA. Any thoughts on the EAT tables. I was able to audition a few top name tables early this year. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with a couple. I found them to lack that special analog emotion. One thing the Amadeus has is an analog sound. Perhaps not the deepest bass, or that last morsel of detail, but the Amadeus gets it.
Fjn04 ...

I spent quite a bit of time in the EAT room at the Newport show this year. First of all, its a given that the EAT-C Sharp is a beautiful table that you could be proud to have on display in your system. At $4500 its an overachiever in the looks department, that's for sure.

The EAT rep spent a lot of time with us explaining the technology of turntables. He covered the entire EAT line, all of which are more expensive than their newest model, the EAT-C Sharp. We were impressed by the presentation.

I have to say, my friend Robert and I were really impressed with the sound in the EAT room, all being driven by the EAT C Sharp turntable.

Shortly after the show, The Absolute Sound did an extensive review of the EAT C Sharp. Very positive review, and from what we heard at the show, deservedly so.

There are plenty of TTs to chose from in the $4500 price range ... but I think they would be hard pressed to beat the EAT. *Hehe*

I say, go for it.
Oregonpapa-Thanks as always, for your thoughts. I agree, it's certainly a looker. I also like the looks of the Luxman table, even though it's more old school. I was hot on the turntable quest early this year, and then a different upgrade opportunity came along. I jumped on that, and the table went on the back burner for a while. The back burner is starting to heat up again. Cheers -Don