Thoughts on the EAT C series tables

I want to ad another table to my system, along side my WTL Amadeus GTA. Any thoughts on the EAT tables. I was able to audition a few top name tables early this year. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with a couple. I found them to lack that special analog emotion. One thing the Amadeus has is an analog sound. Perhaps not the deepest bass, or that last morsel of detail, but the Amadeus gets it.
Fjn04 ...

I spent quite a bit of time in the EAT room at the Newport show this year. First of all, its a given that the EAT-C Sharp is a beautiful table that you could be proud to have on display in your system. At $4500 its an overachiever in the looks department, that's for sure.

The EAT rep spent a lot of time with us explaining the technology of turntables. He covered the entire EAT line, all of which are more expensive than their newest model, the EAT-C Sharp. We were impressed by the presentation.

I have to say, my friend Robert and I were really impressed with the sound in the EAT room, all being driven by the EAT C Sharp turntable.

Shortly after the show, The Absolute Sound did an extensive review of the EAT C Sharp. Very positive review, and from what we heard at the show, deservedly so.

There are plenty of TTs to chose from in the $4500 price range ... but I think they would be hard pressed to beat the EAT. *Hehe*

I say, go for it.
Oregonpapa-Thanks as always, for your thoughts. I agree, it's certainly a looker. I also like the looks of the Luxman table, even though it's more old school. I was hot on the turntable quest early this year, and then a different upgrade opportunity came along. I jumped on that, and the table went on the back burner for a while. The back burner is starting to heat up again. Cheers -Don
Rekindling this old thread as it relates to a current question I am pondering.  

Fjn did you ever hear the C-Sharp and how did it compare to your Amadeus?  I have an Amadeus Mkii and I love it but I’ve had it for 5 years or so and sometimes get the bug to mix it up.  The C-Sharp looks like a lot of table for the money and also looks beautiful.  I’m wondering about the sound.  

I’m also intrigued by the Nottingham Spacedeck and wonder how that compares if anyone knows.  


I have a Spacedeck cw Spacearm and can say it most definitely has an analog sound. Some say dark, not sure I would agree to that but I have paired it with what some would call bright carts and it seems to work well.
I use a Walker motor controller and at present a Scheu Analog MC SL cart.
Not much desire to change it but I do have 3 other tables anyway.
If I do anything it would likely be a different arm.

The build quality of the Spacedeck is outstanding in my mind and it just looks right as well.

Reported to pick up ground noise easily and if I am careless in routing cables I have heard some previously. However nothing good routing and grounding did not fix.
Cannot compare to an EAT though although I did fall in love with the looks of them!
I never did get to hear the EAT.  I ended up with the Kuzma Ref 2, which while a stretch of my price range, has been a great purchase. I went with the Kuzma Ref 313 Gimbal arm. I still have an Amadeus Mk 1, which I use in a small (room) setup with Harbeth P3's. and a Croft phono integrated. I think the Amadeus may be so good at what it does right, that you may need to spend double to beat it. Speaking of that $5-6K it me, or does it seem like there isn't as many choices. How much is the Spacedeck? I almost went with the Kuzma Pipe Bomb 12" stretch version, which would be in that general price range. Talk about a different beast looks wise, I could see most either loving or hating it. 
Thanks Uber and Fjn.  Very helpful information.  I agree that the Amadeus does and awful lot really well and I’m not really inclined to replace it.  I just have that bug to try something new after about 5 years.  I’m sure you can relate.  

With the EAT I worry I would be making a move for a trophy wife and then missing the connection I have in my existing relationship with my Amadeus.  But if I thought I would be getting a sonic upgrade I would be tempted.  I’m just not sure. 

And the Spacedeck has always intrigued me.  I think new it is or was in the $5-6k range but I can’t afford that and used I’ve seen them for $2K or less.  

A Transfiguration Orpheus cartridge going into a Shindo Monbrison preamp constitutes the rest of the analog chain.  For now of course.  

Have you tried an SUT in to the Monbrison. The Orpheus is supposed to be a wonderful cartridge... I tried several SUT's, and direct in to a Monbrison when I owned it. This was using a Koetsu, so my opinion should be taken with extra grains of salt.... The SUT's in general, provided more force/drive than direct in to the Shindo/Lundahls. This was my findings with Koetsu anyway. Five years is a long time in audio years, and we all get the itch every so often, but I'm skeptical about doing better than the Amadeus for under 5K for table/arm. There was a great price on a Kuzma Ref here at one point recently, but it was over $3K sans arm. 
Interesting that you mention the SUT.  About a year ago I got a great deal on an Auditorium 23 SUT (not the Homage unfortunately), the one for very low output cartridges (so the one that matches best to the Orpheus).  I tried it as an experiment expecting the difference to be fairly minor but it was significant so I kept it.  Most noticeably it enlarged the soundstage and enhanced the separation between the images and the clarity/definition of each image in the mix.  

It did intriduce a small amount of background hum that no amount of fiddling with cables or grounds could get rid of, but the hum is small and it stops as soon as the needle hits the record, so not a big deal. 

Honestly my system is singing nicely these days and I think I should probably keep the Amadeus.  But you know how it goes with the itch.  
For an excellent bargain my dealer has been selling the EAT C-Sharp w/white trim. Eat decided not to make anymore white trim. However you get the TT for $3500 w/the Jo No5 cart. Excellent cart. 
Who is your dealer? Thanks!
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@fjn04 So does the Kuzma sound much better than the WT? Years ago, a friend replaced his venerable LP12 with the original WT and I thought it was too creamy but with a bigger yet greyer soundstage.
no romance-It does everything better than the Amadeus, as well as it should for 4X the price. I find the Amadeus has a lively sound, with a nice 3D presentation. It certainly doesn’t sound like a big table though. That feeling of deep effortless bass is not there. I never had any regrets for buying it in that price range. I wouldn’t say grey sounding. I’m happy that I was able to keep it, and continue to enjoy it with the Harbeths.

Thanks @fjn04 .
Congrats on your investment. I'm doing well with my tricked out 401!
Always appreciate your input Sir.... Thank You!