Thoughts on the Classe DAC1

Trying to get some feed back on this dac, any one have any knowledge on the product, how it sounds, good buy, etc? Thanks for your help.
Good for its time [late 90s.] Be aware of reliability issues. [I had to wait 6+ weeks for the factory to replace a chip and have heard of other horror stories to surpass this.]
I found it to be smooth and detailed. Musical always. I also found the factory service to fast and inexpensive. I used it with the AES/EBU input and balanced output.
The Classe 1 DAC is a very nice sounding player. The Electro DAC throws a wider and deeper soundstage but overall was not as sweet in the mids. Find a nice tube DAC like an old Audio Logic 34 and then forget about it.

Happy Listening.