Thoughts on the Belles MB-01 class A monoblocks?

I was just wondering if any fellow audiophiles have an opinion/experience with these fine Belles MB-01 class A Monoblock amplifiers vs other class A models, such as Clayton, Pass, and Karan.

One thing I have heard about Clayton is that they are prone to hum/and possibly ground loops. Other than equipment failure, few other things disturb me as much :)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts

I just heard the belles mono blocks the other day and they were incredible. Speakers were german physiks carbon MkIV's and 3A reference top of the line. Not quite enough power for the physiks for me but they were stunning with the 3A's. also paired with the belles pre amp. As good as any mono's I've heard. Same dealer also had the vitus mono's which were also incredibly good.
(Dealer-Palmetto audio which advertised on agon)
Starcon; thanks so much for reporting on your audition.
I'm surprised that the MB-01's did not drive the 4 ohm load of the GP's to your satisfaction. Would you advise the Belles MB 200 for speakers of 4 ohm or less?

Class A solid state is very confusing to me. How Clayton and Karan get 200-400 watts class A out of their designs, while Mr Belles, with huge power supplies and 20 mosfets/channel gets 75-80 wpc class A, as does Pass Labs, Accuphase and Luxman, remains unexplained. Perhaps some marketing hype with Clayton/Karan which may not be class A all the way to rated power..despite their disrespect intended to these fine manufacturers:)

The Vitus are supposed to be great, but considerably more expensive, and also of 100 watts or less in class A, the 100 watters, 40-50K??...honest watts IMHO.
I am going to hear the belles 500w monoblocks next week (Palmetto audio) so you might give steve at palmetto a call (listed on agon) I own the Physiks (Which I run with 4 ML 436's ) but he will be using the 3A signatures with the belles next week. The vitus we were using was the 60 watt class a. I have not heard the clayton or Karan's.