Thoughts on the Arcam cd92T

I would appreciate everybody's thoughts on the Arcam cd92t with the following equipment.

Proceed bpa 3 Drives fronts and center
Rotel rb 985 drives surrounds
Rotel rsp 976 processor
Aerial 5b with stands
Aerial cc3 center channel
Pioneer Elite dvd 47ai
Surrounds are minipods by b&w
Speaker cable AQ bedrock
AQ coral cables

I currently have a rotel 970bx cd player and want to upgrade
I am also considering the classe .3 or 1.5 and the rotel products

Thanks all for your thoughts
I own an Arcam Cd92,essentially the same as the 92T but without the text feature.The unit is somewhat forward.Not aggresive but it does tend to throw instruments into sharp focus.That said it is an excellent player. I found it to be a better player than the Music Fidelity 3.2 and not quite as good as the Linn Genki (I got a good deal on the Arcam).
All in all I'd recommend the cd92. The ring DAC does a great job at retreiving info and if the British concept of PRAT is meaningful to you then give the cd92t an audition.
Now that arcam has discontinued this model it should be available at a good price. Daveherm69.
I have a cd 92 they are simply outstanding,buy used if you can find one 7 bills is the going rate,dont pay more than that,very good sound for that $,Al