Thoughts on Tara Lab cables?

How do they compare to Kimber? I'm not talking about the super expensive stuff. Kimber's 8TC and PBJ verses Tara's Prisum line is what I'm talking about.
The answer is...who knows? As wire is basically a tone control, and completely system dependant. I have owned both. In absolute terms, the Kimber is a little better balanced tonally. The Tara brings out a little more shimmer on the top, and sounds a little faster. Over the long haul, the Kimber is probably a better overall choice, assuming your system is relatively flat.
Not at that price point! Tara Labs Prism is a solid core coaxial design and is warmer with more bass than PBJ or the TC series. You'll get a bit more detail and upper extension with the Kimber, however. One thing with Kimber's TCSS cable lines is to give it a very long burn in - many folks quickly condemn these cables as too bright, when it takes up to 500 hours to burn in all that teflon. I personally have heard both and prefer the cheaper Prism 22 over PBJ, the latter occasionally sounding a bit unrefined. However, the TC series is excellent at the price.