Thoughts on system change VTL to NuPrime ?

My system for years has been an original series Rega Planet CD player into a VTL TL 2.5 (older metal remote version) tube pre-amp into VTL TT-25 Limited Edition tube monoblocks amps into original series Spendor S3/5 speakers and a REL T5 sub. I have not been listening to it as much as I did previously and "think" I might be ready to change things up - more general convenience (i.e. good sounding and easy access to Pandora, no tubes to bias), less heat output and possibly more detail and "realism" in the sound.

Been reading about the NuPrime IDA-8 digital integrated to possibly replace the pre-amp and amps and to update the CD player with the IDA -8's internal DAC. I think I would like to push the sound closer to neutral, but still err on the warm side. Anyone heard the IDA-8? Thoughts on how it might play in my system? Would need to sell the tube gear before trying/buying so interested in all opinions/options.
Wow, I just went the opposite direction, sort of.
Did you go from Class D amps to tubes? What was your thought process and how do you like the results?

I am also now checking out the Rogue Sphinx - would be more compact and run cooler than what I have now and keep the tube preamp aspect - but no included potential DAC upgrade for the old Rega Planet.

No, I went from A/AB to tubes. Classe' 150 and Five to Audible Illusion M3A and Rogue M120. I enjoyed the Classe units for many years but wanted something that would give me a bit more organic sound. The change delivered in spades.

I do have 3 class D amps that I use in other systems. They are not SOTA class D but they work well for their usage. I just don't think I could go class D for my big system.

Also, your VTL units are really very nice and coupled with the right speakers should be fantastic. I would only dump them for tubes that might move me forward or for speakers that I must have and that are too demanding for tubes.
Bad idea, especially if you are looking for more detail and realism. That's what tubes do best. Class D will generate less heat but that's about it. My W4s amp isn't bad, but I still prefer my tube amps most of the time.
I would suggest an audition of a modern tube friendly stand mount speaker.
What is the likelihood you could do a direct comparison in your system? That's the ultimate solution. Generally speaking I find that a good tube pre amp/power amp provides the most "realism" listening experience but that's me. You may hear things quite differently. Even within the genre of tube components, there are obvious differences in presentation/realism effect.
Good luck to you.
There's a used IDA-8 listed today. If I were in your situation I'd purchase a used unit for comparison. If it doesn't meet your needs sell it off at a minimal loss. Well worth it for the experience IMO.
I use a Nuforce HDP dac/headphone amp and love it's full warm sound. Not sure about the newer NuPrime integrateds though.
I bought the NuPrime IDA-8 and got rid of my Bryston 4B and my Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 2.  I am blown away by the sound and image coming from this tiny unit.  I then bought the IDA-16 which I drive my Vivid Audio V1.5 with.  The IDA-8 drive a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors. 

I have also ordered 2 x NuPrime STA-9 (bridgeable) and a DAC-9.

I am converted to the NuPrime high switching (600kHz) class D amps.  Absolutely no hint of the old class D problems.
How do you like your IDA-16?
The IDA-16 and IDA-8 has different sound presentations. The IDA-16 controls the V1.5 with force and have total control over the complete spectrum. No hint of metal drivers and it seems to be a perfect fit for the Vivid Audio speakers. In a ’speaker shootout’ the NuPrime IDA-8 was used on V1.5 and everyone was amazed and it was rated (by some) above the Sonus Faber Extremas (being driven by something other than NuPrimes as they need massive current before blooming).

I am taking the IDA-16 with a head to head comparison against a Devialet on Vivid Audio B1s. This will be a January when I am back in my country. I will post my observations.

Final thought: I love the IDA-16 on the Vivids

If I were leaving VTL , I would take a look at VAC.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
hello, I would like to know
1)NuPrime STA-9 (bridgeable) + DAC-9; and 2) IDA-16
which one do you prefer for main audio system after testing? They are actually about the same price!
it is said that STA-9 had a warmer sound but the IDA-16(&ST-10) had a slightly better bass extension and other sonic performace(by the comparasion on the nuprime website)
But how about 2*STA-9? they had more power, the momo-mono advantage and I wonder if this combo can equal the performance(or even exceed in some ways) in the sound stage, bass and highs,texture....., and also having the warmer sound~ lol
Hope you can share some ideas~
thank you very much! :)
I recently bought the STA9 and use it to power a pair of Dyn Emit M10s for a small office system and it's very good indeed. It may seem a bit euphoric, but I enjoy that type of sound. I feel as if they've tuned this amp very nicely. The amp used prior to this was a Parasound A23.
your interconnect, speaker cables, and power cords can have a huge impact on your systems warmth, or lack thereof.. I would start there

I highly recommend WireWorld 7 series   

and or this tube amp

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