Thoughts on Stealth-Varidig digital cable?

If you are a user please state RCA, BNC or XLR. Thanks!
IMHO this is a phenomenal cable - I have the RCA pair with the small (Furu?) locking connectors.

Once this cable settled in, it completely transformed my system - I used the Stealth between my Waveterminal USB (connected to my Macintosh in which I house all my music in Apple lossless) and a Parts Connexion modded Musical Fidelity TriVista. This is a Cary tube system with Silverline Sonatina Mk I's

Phenomenal detail, fast as all get out and very neutral. After it had been a few days, one day everything just opened up - the palpable, jaw dropping, blow your mind kind of opened up. Really made the system. BTW I have compared the Stealth with a Cardas Lightning 15, a Stealth Fineline, and a Z-Squared Au/Au and nothing else came close for me.

Recently I changed my Mac to a G5 and am currently auditioning a Wireworld Supernova 5 using the Toslink out on the Mac straight into the TriVista. If anything the Supernova is more detailed, though a bit dryer - can't decide if its less musical.

With the new computer, the Stealth has gone downstairs to replace the Stealth Fineline between a Slimserver Squeezebox and a newly upgraded Art DI/O with the Bolder Cable Mensa mod. Wayne also tweaked the Slim power supply and replaced the Slim digital plug with a WBT. Very, very effective upgrades at very reasonable prices.

The combination of the cable and the mods have given me more bass, the familiar detail and a much bigger soundstage. This is a B&K 305 5.1 HT rig with Von Schweikerts all around. Not in the same league but still very revealing

Just follow Sergeis advice and give it a little time to settle in - you'll know when its ready.