Thoughts on SPUs

I have the good luck of having 2 SPUs on hand. I have an A-body Ortofon/Shindo and a G-body 85th Anniversary "Urushi" Ortofon SPU (limited edition). I am very much drawn into the presentation - really something special.

As it relates to G-body (long ones) SPUs, does anyone have any experience with the various ones to describe the differences/experiences? There's the Royal Gold, the Silver Meister, the 90th Anniversary etc.

I've not heard one until last week, but can see why people like them. I look forward to hearing from you. From my end, both the Shindo SPU and the 85th Anniversary SPU are phenomenal - deep, rich, room filling, super-believable/realistic presentation with accurate tone/timbre.

Cheers and thanks
I have an old SPU/GT with a .17 dia tip. The xfmr was removed when I got it so I'm using an Ortofon T-30 xfmr with it and the cartridge is mounted in an FR64 arm. I could easily be happy with it if I didn't have some other quality cartridges, MM and MC, that I could also live with.
I do find it amazing that even with a non elliptical tip this old SPU provides detail and HF info very well while also providing that lush mid range sound they are known for.
If I had to pick just one cartridge to use it would be very difficult but it would probably be my Miyabi MC because it does so many things the other cartridges do plus it sounds cleaner than the SPU, but of course the Miyabi has a smaller tip so it rides the grooves differently.
It's a matter of time before the tip wears and I'm also wondering what new SPU would sound like it.
The old SPU's like mine track at 2 grams or under and the new ones are 3 to 4 grams. I wonder why that is?
I would like to hear from people that have experience with an old and new SPU.
I have recently heard the Ortofon SPU Royal N cart that retails for $1,495. I heard it twice within the last couple of months , and was very impressed with it's more laid back and musical presentation. To my ears, it was more enjoyable than another very highly acclaimed cart which retails for more than 3X the price of the Royal. This particular SPU does mount on a standard headshell, which is why I am actually considering it myself.