Thoughts on SHIIT Gungnar DAC

I am slowly moving into digital and looking at a DAC.
- transports are macbook pro, dedicated to music only, Amarra software OR Sony CDP 777ESD CD player;
-Preamp Sony TAE77-ESD
Looking at buying the upgraded Shiit Gungnar model?
I am not looking at buying the"creme de la creme", just a solid DAC , that`s all Folks!
tons of great reviews for the Gungnir on Check them out.
You might also consider the Matrix Mini i. Excellent value, great build and great sound.
Just curious...who in Schiit's marketing department names their products?
the products are all named for Norse mythology. I like it.
Good for you!

Don't you like the their names?

I like the names Schiit uses for their equipment. Nothing wrong with it.
The names are fine. They all remind me of Schiit.