Thoughts on Sharp's Aquos 70" LED TV?

I am definately going to need a new Display as my current sets DMD board just blew.

I have a good deal on Sharps AQUOS Quattron 70-inch LC-70LE732U LED

Does anyone have any positve or neagative experiences with this set?

I have the 60" 820 model. Very nice. Assume the same guts. Get's my OK. Just needs lots of tinkering to get the colour nice. Fortunately there are lots of setting. Out of the box it looks pretty bad.
Just looked at the Aquos 70". Pretty impressive. Look into calibration before purchase and beef up the warranty.
It looked to be very impressive on display at out local Costco (even in a huge space with harsh, fluorescent ambient lighting). I thought that it presented a contrastier, more dramatic image than my recently purchased 73" Mitsu DLP. The Mitsu is also more than a foot deep, so if space is a consideration...

It was priced right near $3k. The Mitsu is app. $1250 at Dell.

If I were to do it again, I think I'd stick with the Mitsu. The LED has more punch, but the DLP is pretty decent, itself (though coinessuers are sure to disagree with that one!) Since DLPs tend to require expensive bulb plus maintenance on a +/- 3 year cycle (my viewing habits), I plan on replacing it then.

Right now, the price/performance delta points me to the DLP. I do prefer the LED, but this reflects my own diminishing returns analysis. I'll pocket the price difference today and look at the same decision tree again in about 3 years.

Good luck,

I, too, have a Mitsu DLP and I really like it. As for "expensive" bulb replacements, the bulbs are only $99 direct from Mitsu. I really like the picture that my DLP presents, very natural looking with excellent blacks.

You can't beat the price, either - I paid $857 delivered to my door along with a free wireless networking BluRay player - w00t!!


Last DLP lamp I replaced was +/- 8 years ago (I had a Samsung LED between that Mitsu DLP and my current Mitsu DLP). The lamp and housing module was over an $400 job back in the day. Great to hear that they've come down so far in price.