Thoughts on PS Audio Ultralink II

Good Morning,

I have the oportunity to purchase an Ultralink II for 450 from a shop in my area, any thoughts on this piece of equipment? Is it a good purchase, or am I wasting my money. thanks.
I purchased the original Ultralink when it first came out and upgraded to the Utralink 11 HDCD(2200.00) when it became available. I still have the 11 in my system and use it with my studio DAT player and recorder. It was a class A product during its day and still quite competitive with todays DACs in the 1000.00 + price range. It is very versatile with a number of inputs and outputs and 450.00 is a good price. I believe that PS Audio still supports this product but you may want to check with them. My unit has worked without a flaw all these years.
Great sounding piece ..huge soundstage.. none of the current Sony SACD players sounded near as good while playing Redbook cd's. Finally replaced with Krell SACD player..Tom