Thoughts on PS Audio 5.6 pre

Tonight I pick up a secondhand PS Audio 5.6 preamp for around 180 dollars (125 euro). I plan to use it in my second system, which is nothing fancy. But how good is the PS Audio? Any experiences with this baby?
It's very good. You got a bargain. Congratulations.
PS Audio makes very good preamps, you've done well.
I have 4.6 which is supposed to be best of 80's gear hooked up to their Delta 100 amp as second system.Very good and considering it cost $1600 fro amp and $800 for pre it's great gear.Think of what they would charge now for same gear.If you have wall wart power supply you might want to send it to technician for new Power chord (don't spend too much) and since it the age it is get it checked out and cleaned.Hopefully you capacitors are still good and they should be checked.But other wise it's good gear at great price.
Thanx for the responses, guys. The reason it was so cheap is because the casing and some knobs are scratched and the screw to ground the turntable broke of. Technically it's in pretty good shape, none of the caps need replacing. I'll hook it up in my main system one of these days, to compare it with my current pre (Aragon 24K with the IPS powersupply and the Penny&Giles volume. Best one stays in...

Does anyone have any specs of the PS Audio, especially about the phono pre? I thought I read somewhere that loading and capacitance were adjustable on the inside, and indeed I found two small totary switches. But I'm don't want to wreck the pre just yet... :)
I also recently picked up one of these off e-bay for $250 is absolutely MINT condition. I have been using it about a month now and I LOVE IT! I use it in straightwire (eliminates pre-amp stage) and bypass (eliminates balance control) modes. So it is basically serving as a passive source selector and volume control. Not only is it very musical, it is also very well built and attractive (IMHO). This preamp also has two outputs for connecting to power amps, which is really convienent if you are bi-amping your speakers. So if you can't tell... I think you picked up a great piece of equipment.
I agree with everyone else, I own one very similar to the 5.6 and love it!!

I posted this in another forum, but what I will say is that the older PS preamps....IE the ones from the 80's...are far superior to most the preamps made today that cost in excess of several thousand $$$$$....
tough to beat for the money!!
great purchase!