Thoughts on Phantom vs Copperhead?

Hi folks,I have a good friend who is considering moving from a Phantom to the Copperhead....

He is a serious LP collector(with a superb system),and obviously likes the superb Phantom alot.I DO too,but he has asked me to get "any" feedback on the comparison,or "consideration of one over the other" that I can....Hence,this post!!...

Btw,the table he has(like myself)is the latest SOTA COSMOS,with a Transfig Orpheus cartridge.His speaker is the Magico Mini,run by high res electronics.

Any thoughts would be welcome..
..some people just can't leave well enough alone... If he HAS to spend money, I am sure it can be thrust elsewhere for a bigger bang.
if anything...but he's probably just fine...a fullrange speaker. the source is a classic.

I think you all ready know what Halcro thinks about the copperhead.

But seriously, can you friend afford to get another SOTA and try them head to head??

Other than that, in several months I might be able to compare both on the same table and share my thoughts.
My friend simply likes to move about from time to time.

I've tried, many times. to "hint" he's basically "done" from a "sonic" standpoint,but now I just "go" with his prediliction to add an "air" of improvement,by spending on new stuff a few times a year.
What can I say?I'm just the messenger! -:)
What about a good sub like the Wilson Benesch or Fathom?
It's nice to see that someone keeps on trying to improve on their system. Some people trade in their cars every year so I see nothing wrong with doing the same with audio equipment. It's their money more power to them.
I like people who have more disposable income than me, it gives me the opportunity to buy their used equipment at a good savings.
If you can afford it go for it.
Joe Nies
How about one more arm wand & a Lyra Titan I
My advice would be to take the $ and use it to have musicians play live music in his home once a month. Then he'll see that no matter how much upgrading he does it will never be enough. Then he'll give up. Right?
As Downunder know what I think about the Copperhead.
But, surprisingly, since Thomas from Raven sent me the stainless steel spacers to elevate the DaVinci 12" Grandezza so that its locking collar grips tightly, its performance is as good as the Copperhead and different enough in presentation to be totally intriguing.
As Jon Valin says in his thoughts on AV Guide, the DaVinci is the best pivoted arm he has heard, and the equal of the Walker Proscenium linear tracker.
I think you have it wrong Gerardff... This guy doesn't like music, he just likes to own expensive toys.
Actually he likes live music enough to go twice a week to Carnegie Hall,and "yes" he likes to spend money...........We should all be so fortunate -:)
Halcro,nice to hear from you.I'm really glad you got things worked out(I should be so lucky,as of late)!!

Very interesting point,you make as to differing but equal perspectives!!I say this because you were SO into the "Snake" thing,way back.-:)

Btw,my son is visiting Australia soon,the lucky dude!NO,NO he has NOT the slightest interest in Audio.He loves tennis though,but I can still kick his butt rather easily-:)

I envy you Sirspeedy,
I ripped a tendon in my shoulder doing my favourite cross-court top-spin and it won't repair itself.
Seems my tennis days may be over.
What price Nadal winning Wimbledon this year?
Nadal winning Wimbledon,would be akin to me getting my rig's gremlins worked out bt labor day(here in the U.S.)...

Basically a good chance,but don't go to Vegas with it!

Ya gotta use more wrist,and less shoulder,but still take the ball on the rise!This allows for quick direction changes too -:)Sadly,one needs young legs to do this consistently.

BTW,I've been spending more time at the gym,and alot less on a court.I don't feel so bad....because now in my fifties,there is a nice bit of aches and pains from a good "hit"!....ALOT more for "me"!!....I got so I could not sit through a movie,after playing singles,even two days later(won't play doubles)due to aches and pains.Why?.....Because I'm old!!-:)....In damn good shape too,but fagedabout serious tennis for me anymore....."Badabing"!

But being able to have a really lengthly listening session really takes the mind off stress/pain....No?...I really love being snowbound in winter and cracking into my big music collection!


Btw,I "always" knew there was more to your Davinci!I'm really happy for you!!
Dear Sirspeedy: Could you ask your friend what or why is he dis-satisfied with the Phantom? what is he looking for ?

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul he is NOT unhappy,but since he is going to send in his Cosmos and pre/phono for updating this month,he figures he would like to check out "all" possible" ways to realistically improve his set-up,all in one shot.

The guy has a few bucks,and spends it on his passions.There "are" worse ways to spend one's money!

Btw,since the orig post(by me,for him)he has decided not to sell his Phantom....

Yet,he is "constantly" looking for ways to improve his set-up.What can I say?...

As long as it makes him happy,as he is a really good guy!