Thoughts on Peachtree Audio Nova300

I have a pair of Aerial Acoustics 6Ts for a secondary system. Have been looking for an affordable, reasonably small, reasonably attractive integrated all-in-one type solution to drive them with. Will primarily be used for streaming via a Sonos Connect.

Have been looking at the Peachtree Audio Nova300. It is a class D. It is about 14x14". Fairly nice looking. 300 watts into 8 ohms and 500 into 4. Speakers are 4 ohms. Reviews range from good to great.

Peachtree sells open box units for a very reasonable price. They are located near me.

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this unit. Any serious drawbacks I might need to know about. Thanks for any input.

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this unit. 

search the forums as you can find plenty of info on this 
I own one.  I like everything about it other than the volume control via the remote.
The Peachtree Nova 150 (used with KEF LS50) that I owned for a while and was sold last week, was pretty good. The 150 is identical to the 300 except for the power difference, the Nova 500 is improved across the board, DAC, preamp and amp section. 

I learned recently that the amp section of the NOVA 150 was the best part of it and is very quiet. I was using it with a separate Benchmark HPA4 preamp and DAC3B DAC. It was much better than the integrated alone, minus the Benchmark stuff. However, for the price of the Nova 150, it is an excellent all in one unit. I should note that I thought it was a little rolled off on top. Which made for fatigue free listening but not my ideal music reproduction. If you are more of a music guy and not a gear guy you would like the way the NOVA plays music.

I was considering buying the new Peachtree amp500 (same amp as in the NOVA 500) for $1500 from Underwood HiFi to use with the 2 Benchmark pieces. The reason I did not was because I wanted to wait and see how the new Class D Purifi amps will turn out. They are coming out now from companies like, NORD, March Audio, NAD, etc...

I actually have no amps right now to play on my external speakers.