Thoughts on Pass X250 - X600 amps

Just wondering what people are thinking about the Pass amps these days. I want to switch out my current amp for a newer model. More upgradeitis than anything. I am kind of leaning towards a X600 for my Verity Parsifals. What are your thoughts? I want at least 200 W/ch.
I have owned the Pass X-250 and have tried a dozen other amps. For the price of the X-250, it is a hard amp to beat. What really suprised me lately was changing preamps from the Pass X-1 to Blue Circle G3 MKII, and most recently to Tom Evans The Vibe preamp. I thought that I was listening to another amp with the Vibe. The soundstage grew plenty wide, most natural and resolving I have ever heard and talk about texture, depth and decay, wonderful. In addition, all of the instruments and vocals now have their own space as I have never heard this kind of detail before. I was looking for a tube preamp to sweeten the sound of my system and make the mids come more alive. I have a few more to audition but changing preamps was an eye opener for me with the X-250. The X-600s are more liquid in the mids and will have better resolution and bass extension. I heard your speakers when they were first out with CJ 2500 SS amp, McCormack DNA-225, Sim Audio W-5 and the Levinson 334 with COpland 288 CDP and CJ LS 17 and Hovland preamps and the baby Levinson was the better sound, a little dark with blacker background but oeverall nicer sounding with better details, very relaxed sounding. I would have opted for the larger Levinson 335 amp for the extra power.

Happy Listening.
Dky, for amps in the same range, like the X250 and the X600: more watts = more class A power = more natural sound. So if you can afford the X600s, they would be a fine choice.
Thanks for the input. I am currently running a FPB 200 and it is working really well. I just kind of have an upgrade bug to get a more current amplifier. I was either thinking of a newer Krell FPB 400cx or maybe the Pass Labs X600 used of couse. I was hoping I could get some specific information in the differences in sound quality beween the Pass models and how they might mate with the Verity Audio Parsifals.