Thoughts on Paradigm Studio 60's?

Just took delivery on a new pair of Paradigm Studio 60's. I liked them very much in the store, where I was comparing them to a pair of KEF Q7's. At home, however, they don't sound as good to me as my 20 year-old Polk RTA12 C's. The Paradigm'ss sound seems comparatively muted and boxy, while the Polk's sound is more transparent and open, particularly in the high end. I think the Paradigm's are broken in (ran them all day) and everything is hooked up correctly. I've always loved the sound of my Polk's but was looking for something a bit smaller and nicer looking. Do I need to move further up the cost curve to do better than my old Polks? Thoughts appreciated. BTW, power = NAD C370.
I think you have to let your ears adapt. The Studio60s are much smoother, flatter than the punchy Polks.
I have to disagree with the ear adaptation idea as the cause. Speakers, however need more break-in than one day of playing, so sonic changes of further break-in and adaptation are likely to have some effect. Experimenting with speaker placement could also improve your situation. That said I find Paradigms to be boxy sounding, like the sound idles around the cabinet. I have not heard your reference, the Polks, though. You do not need to spend more for better speakers, imo. I am not sure what your dealer's return policy is, but I would keep them to the last day, breaking them in & altering placement, then take them back if you are not satisfied. There are other, really good speakers out there. Good luck
One day is not really enough time to break Paradigms in.
I have a pair of 60s, it took them about a month to break in.

As Ohlala said also experiment with placement and orientation. In my room, they sound best straight on rather than toed in.

Hope this helps.
Whatever the issue, you cannot avoid adaptation. It happens.
You might want to try a different amp with those 60's. I used to have a pair of Studio 20's, and tried a C340 with them and I did not like the match.
I agree that the 60's are great speakers. And that one day is not near enough for break in. I've owned several different pairs of paradigms and I would venture to guess they need over 200 hours before they really start to sound like themselves. Ultra low volume doesn't necessarily count as break in time. (It helps, but not like regular listening)
I just bought 40's v2. I had same experience with you. They sounded boxy. My old speakers B&W DM630 sounded better. My amp have spk A & B selector so I can compare them side by side via remote control.
I just tought to sell them back after 1 week, but I didn't have time. So I just hit them with disco and pop almost everyday. After 2 months I finaly found the 40' sounds so much better than B&W DM630. Now the B&W sounds muddy, less details, the bass not tight, but I'll keep them (the B&W) to be the evidence for the better sound: Paradigm Studio 40's. Now I am looking for the 100's.........
The 40's do need time to bread in, mine opened up after good 3-4 weeks of listening. I have no hesitation in saying the same would apply for the 60 as they both have identical drivers albeit 60 have a larger cabinet and is a floor stander. One way. I am familiar with C370 as well and have a feeling the 60's would sound even better with something on the warm side. C370 is a good workhorse but not having the capability to sound *sophisticated*. I loved the Audio Analogue Puccini SE as a matter of fact. Just 50 watts, but those 50, just kept me warm on a weekend last winter.