Thoughts on pairing Bryston SP1.7 with Mac Amps?

I'm interested in pairing SP1.7 with mc 2105, mc 2505 and 7106? Any thoughts on how it will sound or should I just stick with a mac pre/pro?
I Love Mac Gear!
Up until 2006 I had never liked Bryston. Have not heard their gear since then. Call me crazy, and most have in this regard, but I have always heard a grunge in the transients in their gear. Nobody else I've listened with has heard it.

I would dismiss it if it wasn't consistent, but alas, it had remained since I started listening to their gear back about 1992 or so. I had auditioned them so many times in my old system which was all Cary. Either using my Pre or Pro, the grunge was there. Could have been a bad impedence match for all I know, and which is where I need to do some homework.

I sold all that gear due to some insane medical bills. Just recently started slowly building a inexpensive system (5-6k max) Now, A full Mac system is magical for me. If I had the big bucks these days, I would definitely get a Mac Pre/Pro or Conrad Johnson Pre/Pro. Those two systems always leave me pulling out every recording I have.
Thanks Danny!