Thoughts on PAD cables with Krell

I have been using PAD Proteous with Krell KRC-HR, 300S, 20i, and B&W 801 III's. I have really enjoyed this match for all types of music on my system. I would like to know if anyone else has tried a similar combination with good results. I have only seen opinions on MIT and Cardas used with Krell. I am also interested if anyone has tried any Audioquest Amazon or Everest cables.
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You owe it to yourself to try Transparent Audio cables, really goes well with anything!
Haven't heard Transparent with Krell, but I like them with my system.(Proceed,CJ,ML) If you buy into the "Premium" line of cable they offer a pretty good upgrade path so you don't loose your initial investment if you choose to move upwards.
Krell1: Send me your Purist cables, and I'll be happy to try them with my Krell 250a. Goodness knows I'm not afraid to tell it like I hear it. E-mail me if your are interested.