Thoughts on Overlord 12AX7-HD / ECC803S-HD tubes

Hi everyone

I stumbled onto a listing about Overlord 12AX7-HD tubes but didn't find much info on them.

Here are some videos

audio system using these Overlord tubes playing music.

When I looked at some information about them the info was vague.

Has anyone heard about these tubes or used them in their systems? IF so what are your thoughts. From looking at these tubes I think they are a dressed up 12AX7s.

Thanks and I honestly have no affiliation with the seller of these tubes or the company that makes them. I'm just curious about them.
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Anyone know where I can get a pair of these? My buddy got a pair for his girls amp and now mine wants them too. She loves the fact that they glow and look modern and how they sound. I gotta admit I thought it was BS at first but even if it looks like a dressed up tube it's still high quality and great sound. I'm super picky about my equipment but they are honestly the best I've heard in a while. Does anyone know if they are available anywhere besides Ebay?
Run away. These are el cheapo 5755 tubes with adapters and a weird hat :) . 5755 isn't a very good sub for 12AX7, due to low transconductance and high plate resistance will not have good drive. This seller 'old_guy_radiola' is a notorious scammer and relabler on ebay, check around the forums. Not to be confused with the real who is a great dude.
Sorry for the late reply. I lost track of this thread. Appreciate your thoughts on this break12.