Thoughts on Overlord 12AX7-HD / ECC803S-HD tubes

Hi everyone

I stumbled onto a listing about Overlord 12AX7-HD tubes but didn't find much info on them.

Here are some videos

audio system using these Overlord tubes playing music.

When I looked at some information about them the info was vague.

Has anyone heard about these tubes or used them in their systems? IF so what are your thoughts. From looking at these tubes I think they are a dressed up 12AX7s.

Thanks and I honestly have no affiliation with the seller of these tubes or the company that makes them. I'm just curious about them.
This is obvious silly nonsense testing the saying that one is born every minute. Honestly it is ridiculous, surprised he had the blanks to list them. I have seen more legit offerings from this guy. Also my search turned up another Ebay ID Lord-HD or the like. except the pair was a mere $499.99.
I have drawers full of tubes and had thought I had seen them all. Well, apparently not.

My first thought when I saw these was, "I didn't know Ozzy Osborne made tubes. :-)

I agree with Mechans...kinda silly.
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Who made these tubes and why are they special?
Maybe the fancy things on top?
Says USA made in ad.
Hey everyone.

Thanks for your input and I agree with a lot of your points. Part of me thinks the person who made and selling these tubes is trying to test how gullible people are. Dressed up tube, fancy packaging, some hype and they will make a quick buck.

Other than the dressing on the top and the rings on the bottom of the tubes I can't see what is SO different about these tubes vs. other 12AX7 tubes that would make them so remarkable sounding. If I had the money to burn I'd buy these tubes, look at them closely and see what is up but alas I do not.

Thanks again.
These tubes are awesome.. Worth the money. They sound Killer.
I got a pair the other day. I was able to get them for 349.99. After playing them for a few hours. These tubes stay cool to the touch. This tells me they will last a very long time. I had a buzz noise in my amplifier. Once I put the overlord tubes in the buzz went away. These tubes sound clear and crisp . I was very happy with my purchase. That buzz My amplifier had was driving me nutso I highly recommend these tubes, I also recommend German Telefunken gold pin ecc803s tubes with diamond bottoms. I am very happy with the overlords . Its about time someone made a great tube. That's because it was made in the united states. I think Ozzy had something to do with it? Once these tubes get out there I bet these will go up in price. Just like all other high quality premium tubes. Rock~n~roll
These tubes are Killer.. I had a terrible Buzz in my amplifier. After I put these Overlord 12ax7-Hd tubes in the buzz went away. I was able to buy a pair for 349.99. I bet these tubes go up in price after people start trying them. Just like all the other high end premium tubes. I highly recommend the overlords. They sound crisp and clear. HD like
It seems to me these tubes will last for many years. After playing them for a few hours the tubes were cool to the touch. Not like other tubes that are burning hot right after playing them. I highly recommend these tubes and I also recommend Telefunken ecc803s gold pin diamond bottom Germany made tubes. The overlords are made in the united states. I do think Ozzy had something to do with them. It was someone that had a lot of Rock~n~roll Knowledge ... Thank God I finally got rid of that terrible buzz sound In my amplifier. Peace out.
The only way to know for sure is to listen to them, of course, but I'm skeptical of tubes that come in fancy packaging and use crystal technology.

The guy selling them has some other nice tubes for sale, though.

$400 can buy a pair of really good 12ax7s with solid, long held reputations. $400 is above my limit for a what the hell let's give them a try purchase.

If they got down to $25 a pair, I'd give them a try.
Anyone know where I can get a pair of these? My buddy got a pair for his girls amp and now mine wants them too. She loves the fact that they glow and look modern and how they sound. I gotta admit I thought it was BS at first but even if it looks like a dressed up tube it's still high quality and great sound. I'm super picky about my equipment but they are honestly the best I've heard in a while. Does anyone know if they are available anywhere besides Ebay?
Run away. These are el cheapo 5755 tubes with adapters and a weird hat :) . 5755 isn't a very good sub for 12AX7, due to low transconductance and high plate resistance will not have good drive. This seller 'old_guy_radiola' is a notorious scammer and relabler on ebay, check around the forums. Not to be confused with the real who is a great dude.
Sorry for the late reply. I lost track of this thread. Appreciate your thoughts on this break12.