Thoughts on Outlaw amp's for 2 ch music

I'm considering adding some seperates for 80 music/ 20 HT to go with my Paradigm 40/20/470 v3. I have heard Rotel and I wasn't overly impressed with the sound in 2 ch. I'm thinking about starting with 3 Outlaw M2200's and using my Yamaha 3200 as a pre/pro and to run the rears for now. Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar application?
I used the Outlaw M200s using a Denon receiver as a pre-pro and Dynaudio 70s for several years with good success. They are a good buy. I then added an Aragon Stage One pre-pro instead of the Denon. Finally, I recently switched to Bel Canto amps. So, if money is an issue you can upgrade step by step. That said, there is something to the idea that it costs more in the long run and saving money to upgrade all at once is also a good idea. I think they are great for the time being and you can upgrade later.
Mihen, looks like your into the fun phaze of things. Enjoy!
To be honest, you may have just as good results and easier time calibrating everything by finding a decent configurable six channel amp (I'm using a Rotel w. 3-6 channels). Previously, I had been using two Outlaw monos for mid surrounds and a Threshold T-50 for rears (the Threshold had some issues, so it was relegated to the rear of system).
I didn't expect it, but I've got much better surround sound now using the single multichannel amp than I had trying to cobble together several amps. I sold the equipment to help fund a massive two channel upgrade (cdp, amps, speakers, cables).
One of the most pleasant outcomes of it all was that I thought I would have greatly diminished sound quality by moving away from the 200wpc Outlaw amps. Not so; I have far better sound now than before. More simplicity and better sound in HT mode! Double bonus!