Thoughts on older Exposure gear

Category: Amplifiers

Hello all, Would like to know if anyone has listened to these particular pieces: XIX pre and the IV amp. I did see some reviews but I would like to hear from others in the A-gon camp. Good listening!
Hi fellow A-goner

I am using a Dual IV plugged directly to my Sansui TU-9900 tuner via variable out. (no pre-amp)
The amp is so musical and detailed that I haven't heard ANYTHING that can touch it for what it does.
I leave this set-up on 7/24 and the amp doesn't even get warm.
The music is very rhythmic and pulsating even at low volume.The noise floor is VERY low. There's BLACK between the notes.Imaging and layering are as good as tube gear.
It does have it's problem though. The top end could be sweeter and the bottom end could use more weight.
The midrange is to DIE for. This is not my main system set-up but for FM music, it's WONDERFUL!!!
Those who already own a Dual IV, knows what I'm talking about.