Thoughts on nOrh se-9

I recently put an order in for the new Zu Omen speakers. I have always been intrigued by hi-eff speakers and the sale price was too good to pass up. I will not get them until November so I am on the hunt for a budget tube amp to pair with them. I have my eye on the Norh se-9, for the price it seems like a no brainer. Very little discussion on it here so I am hoping some of the owners will chime in. I checked with Michael Barnes and they are still producing them, just waiting on pricing info. He did mention that they also have a push pull amp that is not on their website. The room I will have the speakers/amp in is realatively small and pretty lively so I don't think I will need a lot of power, hence the interest in an SET/SEP amp.
I just ordered a pair myself for the same reasons. I have a Peachtree Nova, hope the combo works well together in a medium sized room where the speakers will need to be placed pretty close to the wall.
I actually picked a SE-9 here for quite a bargain, I will report one the combo next month.
So what the verdict ??? I run mine through an Audio Refinement Setup ... I'm thinking of going Tube to see the difference.