thoughts on nordost thor?

I have been looking at ac treatment for my system. I actually had a bid accepted on a PS audio p500 (regenerated ac for source and the incorporated ultimate outlet for the rest) but the unit became faulty before shipping and so the deal was void. One of the audio magazines recently eluded to an upcoming review of the Nordost Thor and that it was something special; it would revolutionize. I have not seen any formal reviews to this date, though, so am curious as to what everyone might think. Particularly compared to the PS audio powerplants. I realize that the powerplants regenerate the ac, etc , which is different that the THor, but in terms of the end result, what do you think?
Check out HiFi+ magazine for a complete review. I think it's issue #37. Go to and look at back issues.
I had a thor in house and compared it directly to the new audience adept response (whick had previously bested the likes of Shunyata, BPT, Equitech, Sound Applications, PS Audio, and many others). While I did prefer and buy the Adept Response, I think the Thor is clearly a conditioner to be reckoned with.
Dolphin, I would like to hear your thoughts on how these others compared to the Adept Response. If by some chance you had already done this in another post please post the link.
Jond, thanks I will check out that site. Dolphin, I had not heard of the adept response, but will research it a bit now. THanks.
Dolphin , exactly which of the Sound Applications conditioners are you refering to if you dont mind me asking as i have tried many conditioners and have found the Reference Line Stage by Sound Applications to have no peers so far .
Why is the Adept Response excellent? Compared to the other conditioners I mentioned, in my system, the Adept Response was more resolving without being clinical, more dynamic which resulted in better PRAT, and it portrayed a soundstage without peer. With 12 outlets, it can power the biggest systems and it is the ONLY conditioner I have ever heard that makes every amp I have plugged into it sound better.

Brainwater - I listened to/thru the LineStage.
Systems vary. I don't think the Adept Response is in the same league with the Sound Application Line Reference. But I don't think filter approaches the IsoClean. It is expensive, however.
I have just replaced two PS Audio 600s with 2 THORs. If you are considering a line conditioner and have reasonably reliable power lines, this is the final word. No noise, no limiting, works with all components (including big power amps). Noise floor is virtually undetectable.
Note: For best results, at least the THOR should have a high end power cord (preferable something like the Nordost Valhalla or Brahma) to achieve best results. The good news is that with any decent power cord you get great results. Expensive but worth it.
how does the Thor compare with PP600?
Does any member have an idea of how the Thor filters the power? I went to Nordost's site and just read a bunch of nomenclature which meant nothing to me. I do know that the Adept Response filters with Auricaps across the outlets and on the AC input-similar to how Shunyata filters. Is it not likely that caps across the AC line will cause phase shift related distortion of the sine wave? Engineers out there please speak up.