Thoughts on new Bryston Cubed amps? Specifically the 4B3 and 28B3 amps.

Just wondering if anyone here has the new amps and/or if you've heard them and can offer any thoughts. Thank you.

4B cubed is a wonderful amp. Bass. Soundstage. Clarity. All done extremely well. 

Better than my Krell Duo-300
I have the Bryston 28BSST cubed amplifiers and find them excellent. From the reviews I have read the lesser powerful cubed amplifiers are excellent also. I formally had the 28BSST squared models and they were (and still are) very good, but the cubed amplifiers are special. 
I appreciate your responses so far. My 4B3 sounds great, so I'd like to eventually move up to the 28 Cubed.