Thoughts on new Blur album

I am a newer Blur fan, having really gone wild for Damon Albarn's first solo record last year called Everyday Robots. I heard the first two singles off of the new album and loved both songs!! My headphones broke so it will be a few weeks before I give it a proper listen . The album has received very good reviews. I just wanted to hear some feedback from Blur fans . Thanks!
i heard the new one on spotify--it's good, but i'd start with their masterpieces, parklife and great escape. much as i admire blur, i've always found their excessive britishness a bit hard to genuinely embrace--their arch-rivals oasis, though nowhere near as artful, rock harder and have more universal appeal.
I tried to like them because all the reviewers said I should...but it didn't work.
I like it very much! Hell, even Noel Gallagher likes it.
No hits, but a solid effort
Thankyou,i like it alot.Its the first blur album ive owned and heard
Misternice, please check out Damon's last album called Every Day Robots!!
Give it two spins , let me know what you think. It was my favorite album last year.
Let me know what you think. Oh and of course check out Blur's famous album called Parklife.