Thoughts on Nagra MSA

Dear all,
Nagra MSA has been launched for years. But it seems not much user comments about this little jewel. How would it compare to the previous Pyramids despite its bit lower power in comparison?
And how would sonically difference if MSA X 2 bridging together?
There is a rumor Nagra is going to launch much new items soon, especially a newer more powerful amp. Is it true?

Your comments would be much appreciated!
It is a little jewell. I have heard these amps many times...I own a nagra vps/vfs and really love it
Thanks Jfrech for your feedback!
How do you think the driving ability of it? A single/double unit?
I"ve always heard it in monoblock form...driving some tougher loads like the Wilson Sasha's or the Rockport's always been effortless and wonderful
good to know having heard of others to say a word for this babies.
thanks again!
Tone Audio did a review on the Nagra MSA's...
Yes i also read it. But wonder if there are actual users of this amp?!