Thoughts on Merlin VSM M vs. Verity Fidelio

Looking at Merlin VSM M vs. Verity Fidelio to go with the rest of my system: Wadia 861 via transparent audio XL cables direct into Edge NL10 amp.
Looks like you like a little more reved up dynamic sound-correct? I went through this same purchasing decision between these two so My thought is to go with the Merlins. Not because they are better- these are two of the best at the size and price! The owners of these two companies would/have reccomended each other in the past. But the Merlins will be more dynamic and play more convincingly at lowder levels than the Verity with it's missing crossover. And you can talk to Bobby directly on setup etc. I think pride of ownership also goes to Merlin where the Verity's are more main stream, the Merlins are a very select group. You will be happy with either-cant go wrong but I think you will feel better with the Merlins in front of you.
You can't go wrong with either of them. These are definately some of the best choices at this price. If you get the Merlins, make sure you get them with the solid state harness. The tube harness might sound a little too bright with your Edge. The Fidelios on the other hand are more universal, somewhat smoother and more polite than the Merlins and will match well with many different ss or tube amps.
Be sure to perform in-room demos as the rear-firing woofs of the Fidelio work best with some front-wall boundary support. For example, in my setup where the speaker plane is 8 feet out, I was forced to seek Parsifal Encores, allowing bass-pod swings to front-firing, which works stupendously well. I believe verity recommends the Fidelios positioned 2-5 feet out for proper bass weight. Up through the mids and top they're VERY room friendly, however.
I heard the fidelio, they are very musical,and accurate.
I would agree with most of the above posts in regards to the Fidelio. There are very room friendly but they do need the rear wall to load the room properly for bass weight and extension. I had mine out about 4 ft and they worked great. The midrange and top end in this speaker makes for a very smooth presention with lots of natural detail. A very non- fatiguing speaker to enjoy music with. The speakers are also very amplifier friendly and as a result they will work well with SS or tubes but they do require quality as opposed to quantity. These speakers are very revealing of upstream componets and system issues. The Verity speakers have a way of capturing the tone and character of instruments that is very accurate and engaging to listen to.

Our systems are similar in their simplicity. I run a Wadia 860 directly to Atma-Sphere M60's with a Purist Audio Venustas. My speaker cables are Magnan Signatures.

To my ears, the Merlins do more so much right and nothing wrong. I've never heard the Verity Fidelio, but I am very satisfied with the Merlin VSM.